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شهادة اشراف 162
About us

    Allala United Company to manufacture and the formation of galvanized steel

Founded Allala Company in Ramallah, in 1985, in the realization of aluminum from the windows and doors, and had the company was proactive in the development of all of its work in the field of aluminum with the latest models, and then came the idea of manufacturing galvanized steel, which lacks them the Palestinian market and the industry found in Israel and abroad, and has been the praise of God to open a new production line to form a galvanized steel

 * The company obtained the certificate of inspection of the Center for Geotechnical and materials testing and the results of the tests conform to the specification No. ASTM C 465-04
      * The company obtained the certificate of supervision of the Institution for Standards and Metrology No. PSM-162

 Was identical to the specification number (PS 462-P4/1999)


And also that the company is proactive in the development of the highest standards of production lines to be able to strong competition.

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